The fountain

On the Route des Grands Crus, in the center of the village, is situated the pretty Sainte-Anne fountain with its neat architecture. It has a triangular pediment and is decorated with embossed stones. It is located at the rue de la Fontaine opposite the rue Sainte Barbe.

In front, the niche houses a polychrome statue of Saint Barbe.

Sullys lime tree

Chambolle-Musigny has a magnificent example (specimen) of Lime Tree which stands majestically in front of the church, on the Route des Grands Crus.
Exceptional for a tree of this age (over 400 years), it still has part of its main trunk which rises to a good height, giving the whole a very harmonious port (style).

A sign at the foot of the tree indicates a circumference of 8m70 and a height of 17m50.

It was at the instigation of Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully, under the reign of King Henry IV, that many lime trees were planted in France. Sully had ordered that a lime tree be planted in each village so that the flowers could be used to treat the sick.


The chapelle “petite combe de la vierge”

The chapel which is located on the pilgrims’ route to Compostela was built in 1792 and is located at the foot of the mountain “le Grognot” towards the valley of Ambin.